This handy little cocktail table features simple joinery that yields a classic appearance with no visible fasteners.

Easy to build, you could make several of these in one weekend for a complete set to complement your outdoor seating. You can also easily adjust the dimensions and fashion a coffee table or even a picnic table, resulting in an entire suite of outdoor tables. 

The pocket-hole screws are simple to use and when combined with waterproof exterior glue, result in a very strong joint that you can’t see unless you’re looking from underneath. The tabletop slats are spaced ¼” apart from each other for drainage, and you can dress up this design by routing chamfers or roundovers on some or all of the slats.

Build Time:
Cutting parts: 1-2 hours
Assembly: 1 hour 
Finishing: 1 hour 
Total: 3-4 hours 


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