For Your KDAT Lumber Needs, Yella's Your Color!

As any good contractor will tell you, the project’s not done until it’s “finished.” You can have all the scraps cleaned up, and all the tools back in the shed, but your work isn’t complete until you’ve painted, stained or sealed your new project.  Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months for pressure treated wood to naturally dry enough to finish. But by building with lumber that is Kiln Dried After Treatment, or KDAT, there’s no need to wait. You can finish it immediately, and that means you can enjoy it that much sooner.

You see, when lumber is dried in a kiln, the excess moisture is removed so you’re free to finish your project any way you see fit without waiting. Because the kiln offers a controlled environment and the wood is dried evenly, this process also helps minimize the natural tendency of freshly treated wood to shrink, cup and warp.

Because of the porous nature of wood, it will swell after being wet. Therefore, it is important to leave proper spacing between boards during the construction of certain projects.  When building a deck out of KDAT wood, for instance, be sure to leave a gap the width of an 8-penny nail (or 1/16”) between boards to allow for this expansion.  

It is also extremely important to finish your KDAT project as soon after completion as possible. We recommend a high-quality water repellent with UV protection as a minimum.  If you wish to stain your project, you should look for a stain that is backed by the longest manufacturer warranty (usually found on the can itself) and one that has a built-in water repellent.  Other homeowners will want to paint their project.  In this case, we recommend an oil-based primer followed by several coats of a high-quality latex (acrylic) paint.  Whichever option you choose, be sure to follow the finishing manufacturer’s recommendations for application.

For extra protection, you may consider finishing all six sides prior to installation. 

Regardless of what material you use for your decking, it is important that it be properly ventilated. For decks built at or near ground level with enclosed sides, be sure to use products such as lattice, which will allow proper airflow underneath the deck.

Why Pros Use KDAT Products:

  • Ready to paint, stain or seal immediately
  • Minimizes the natural tendency to shrink, cup and warp 
  • Lighter than freshly treated lumber
  • More strength and stiffness 
  • Increased holding power 
  • Dried to original moisture content
  • Easier to handle, cut and install 

Recommended Applications:

  • Decks
  • Handrails
  • Window wrapping
  • Casing
  • Permanent wood foundations 
  • More

So, for your next project, consider one of these YellaWood® brand KDAT products. They provide the same trusted protection that all YellaWood® brand products offer plus the added benefit of being Kiln Dried After Treatment.


YellaWood® KDAT

Our YellaWood® brand products treated with micronized copper preservatives already offer improved painting and staining capabilities, but when it's dried after treatment, you don't have to wait to paint. Install it, paint it and leave it. It's that simple. 

YellaWood Select®

YellaWood Select® brand KDAT products are a high grade product, re-graded for appearance and wane. That means you get only the selected best. 

YellaWood SuperSelect®

Made from top grade lumber, YellaWood SuperSelect® brand KDAT products are the best of the best. Selected for small knots and no wane, a deck built with these products is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Product availability varies by region. 

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