Beautiful Porch Columns

Constructed out of high density lumber with small knots and bonded with a waterproof adhesive, YellaWood® columns are engineered for structural integrity with a beautiful appearance.
  • Treated with a wood treatment process that has earned a number of environmental certifications.
  • Pressure treated with a micronized copper preservative for protection from rot, fungal decay and termite attack
  • The only columns end sealed with Great Southern's trademark "yella color"*
  • Factory-applied end sealant minimizes checking
  • Paint or stain without waiting, thanks to being kiln-dried
  • Paint or stain with more ease, thanks to micronized copper’s lighter color
  • Less likely to split, crack or twist than solid timbers
  • Bonded with a waterproof adhesive
  • Hollow core makes columns lighter weight and allows hidden electrical wiring
  • High grade KDAT lumber with small knots and no wane
  • Structurally sound
  • Higher strength ratings than other glulam wood columns
  • Sold in small units for improved stock rotation


*The color yellow as applied to the end of pressure-treated wooden columns is a federally registered trademark of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated. 

Nominal Sizes:
  • 6x6
  • 8x8
  • 10x10
  • 12x12
Nominal Lengths:
  • 8'
  • 10'
  • 12'
*Actual lengths are ½'' shorter than nominal length above.

Beautiful Moulding Options
Dress up your columns with our elegant pressure treated moulding.  Available in several eye-catching styles, our moulding is treated for long-term protection from the elements and dried after treatment to reduce shrinkage after installation. (Availability varies by region)
Installation and Handling
Replacing porch columns is a fairly easy project, taking only a few hours to finish depending on the skill of the worker, but it should be undertaken only by a properly licensed and qualified professional.  Download the YellaWood® Columns Installation and Handling Guide to help you plan your column replacement project. 

Technical Data
The following load table was derived from the 2005 National Design Specification, published by the American Forest & Paper Association and American Wood Council, and physical testing performed by Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

General Loading Information
  1. The allowable loads indicated are based upon normal load durations during a controlled test at sustained temperatures less than or equal to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The provided values can be used in wet or dry service conditions.
  3. The provided values do not compensate for reduced net section areas due to boring, grooving, notching, etc.
  4. Loads are based upon a pin-pin configuration with all loads acting at the center of the column. No eccentric loads have been considered.
  5. Loads are based upon column ends bearing on a durable, rigid, homogenous material with sufficient stiffness to evenly distribute the applied load.

      The columns should be installed only by a properly liscensed and qualified professional in accordance with applicable building codes and other laws and in a manner suitable for the specific application. These columns are intended for only residential exterior uses and should never be exposed to salt water.  See the YellaWood® Column Limited Lifetime Warranty for additional exclusions.  YellaWood® columns are treated with micronized copper azole from Koppers Performance Chemicals, using the MicroPro® copper preservative process and other wood preserving products, methods, systems and technology.  For more information visit For important handling and other information concerning our products or for a copy of the Micronized Copper Azole Treated Wood Safety Data Sheet (SDS), please see the applicable Safety Data Sheet (SDS), or write us at P.O. Box 610, Abbeville, AL 36310. YellaWood®, the color yellow as applied to the end of pressure-treated wooden columns, and the yellow tag are federally registered trademarks of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated. The Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated logo is a trademark of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated. MicroPro® is a federally registered trademark of Koppers Performance Chemicals. The MicroPro® Treated Wood Process is certified under SCS’s Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) program based on Life-Cycle Assessment.

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